Magna Craiova – Assembly station ledge SPZ

The device is used to complete an appropriate component using two basic operations by a trained operator. The correct positioning of the component during the first operation is checked by optical sensors, which do not start the machine if the component is inserted incorrectly. In the case of a positive evaluation of the first operation, the component is clamped and the operator performs the operation of sticking and pressing the seals and fixation of the seals on the component. After releasing from the clamps, the operator moves the product to the second loading plate, where the necessary components will be assembled into the slat. After assembling, the components are checked by optical sensors. After a positive evaluation of the components, the operator can remove the component and continue to assemble the other component, or in the case of a negative evaluation, a mechanical stop will pop out to prevent the operator from removing the component and in the same time the system notifies the error and waits for fixing.

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