Magna Exteriors (Bohemia) s.r.o – 2 pcs punching and gluing devices (right and left)

The device is used for punching and completion of the threshold slat.

It consists of two stations, namely the station for punching and assembling the left side and the station for punching and assembling the right side. The operator places the threshold slats into the bottom part of the device and the cover slats into the top part of the device and starts the cycle. The stations are identical, they only differ by being the left and right sides of the slats. After the cycle is started, the required holes are automatically punched out and then the cover slat is placed and pressed by vertical manipulators. The double-sided adhesive tape is prepared on the cover slat from previous operations. After the end of the cycle, the station is set to its starting position and the operator can remove components from the device. The whole process is automatic except for an insertion and removal of the component.

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